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Unleashing your superpowers as a leader and why it's important – Part Two

In Part One of Unleashing your superpower as a Leader and why it's Important, we explored the first step in Having determined your values and strengths (see Part One); let's explore how determining your values and strengths is a critical step in developing your own authentic and highly effective leadership style, In Part Two we will delve into discovering which of our strengths is our superpower.

As a leader, you possess strengths, skills, and talents that have led to your success. You wouldn't be in your role if you didn't possess the skills and experience required to lead. But how often have you taken the time to assess those gifts and determine which attributes or combination of attributes are your most powerful asset in influencing your team and successfully gaining results for the organization? Determining your "super" power and leveraging it effectively is one way of getting superior results from your teams and your organization.

Here are vital steps to help you in finding your leadership superpower:

1. Reflect on your experiences: Look back at your past experiences, both personal and professional, and identify the moments when you felt most energized, fulfilled, and successful as a leader. Consider the tasks, responsibilities, and situations that brought out your best qualities.

2. Identify your strengths: Assess your strengths and skills objectively. Determine the areas where you excel and receive positive feedback. Reflect on the qualities that people admire in your leadership style. These could be effective communication, self-awareness, humility, flexibility, building great systems and processes, positivity, creativity, problem-solving, empathy, strategic thinking, or inspiring others.

3. Seek feedback: Request feedback from colleagues, mentors, and team members about your leadership style and the impact you have on them. Ask for specific examples of when they felt you demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities. Their insights can provide valuable perspectives and help you identify patterns or strengths you may have overlooked.

4. Leverage your passions: Consider the areas or causes you are most passionate about. When genuinely interested in something, you are more likely to invest time and effort, and your enthusiasm will inspire others. Identify how to align your passions with your leadership responsibilities to create a powerful impact.

5. Embrace authenticity: Emphasize authenticity and be true to yourself. Your unique personality and your leadership superpower are often connected. Your superpowers are aligned with your values and beliefs. Embrace your individuality and let your authentic self shine through in your leadership approach.

6. Experiment and take risks: Explore new opportunities and challenges that allow you to stretch your abilities. Stepping out of your comfort zone and taking calculated risks can lead to personal and leadership growth. By trying new things, you may discover hidden talents or develop new skills that enhance your superpower.

7. Reflect and refine: Continuously reflect on your leadership experiences, learn from successes and failures, and refine your approach. Regular self-assessment and feedback can help you understand how to leverage your superpower effectively and adapt it to different situations.

Remember, a leadership superpower is not a fixed attribute but can evolve as you gain new experiences, knowledge, and skills. Stay open to growth, learn from others, and be willing to adapt your leadership style as needed.

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